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eWaste Recycling Box

Cost-effective and accessible solution for companies to safely collect and recycle e-waste.

This offer includes:

  • Delivery of a specific recycling box at your premises
  • Collection of the box and recyclables when the box is full.
  • Proper recycling of the entire box including the collected e-waste.
AED 199.00 / box

Related to: School, Office, Retail shop, Hotel & Restaurant, Sport & Wellness center, Commercial & Industrial site, E-waste

straighten Dimensions

The Recycling Box dimensions are : 

Width: 35 cm
Depth: 35 cm
Height: 70 cm

Maximum weight : 20 kg

search What to recycle?

Smartphones, landline phones, tablets, laptops, computers, smart watches, portable speakers, music players, headphones, gaming consoles, satellite decoder boxes / TV receivers, cameras, modems/routers, switches, mice & keyboards, chargers / power supplies, cables/wires, remote controllers, hard drives, flash drives, any similar items. Ensure that your electronic devices fit into the box.


Recycling helps preserve natural resources:

  • Through the circular economy, it makes it possible to avoid the pollution generated by the production of new components: 1 smartphone collected for recycling avoids the extraction of 2 kg of primary raw material.
  • Diverting e-waste from landfills avoids the pollution due to hazardous waste.

recycling How electronic devices are recycled?

Electronic devices that are still working are directed to the second-hand market. For the used or broken ones, the process starts with a manual sorting (battery and wires removal), and a manual opening to sort hazardous wastes that need to be processed safely. Then the devices are shredded to facilitate the removal of ferrous and non-ferrous metal. The remaining plastic parts are sorted by category to be transformed into new resin plastic ready for remanufacturing. 

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