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Recapp Business

We provide recycling boxes that you can place anywhere in your premises.

Do you want to make your business even more sustainable?

With RECAPP you can get rid of the waste generated in your workplace and ensure it will be appropriately treated and recycled in our facilities.

Today employees, students, and visitors generate a lot of waste mostly due to the consumption of beverages packaged in plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Hotels, restaurants, shops, offices, and any commercial and industrial sites generate specific waste items (paper, coffee capsules, e-waste, batteries...).

That’s where RECAPP BUSINESS makes the difference!


What do we offer?

In our e-shop, find the most convenient solution for your business

  • Subscription for monthly collections service, including the deployment of recycling boxes, collection of the bags, treatment, and a recycling certificate. This offer is especially relevant for items generating big volumes of waste like plastic bottles, metal cans, and paper.
  • One-time recycling boxes including delivery, collection, treatment, and recycling certificate. This offer is especially relevant for items generating small volumes of waste (loose batteries...) or for punctual needs (e-waste...).


Our custom-made offers

school offer


RECAPP team implements recycling solutions and engages students and school members with recycling boxes, school challenges, awareness & recycling workshops, and kpis.

Hotel offer


RECAPP proposes training for your housekeepers and weekly collection service.

compound offer

Waste Management Companies

RECAPP offers access to its digital solution with our collector app for the staff of the waste management companies enabling an efficient collection system empowered by a smart assignment software and recording all the data of each and every collection.

What are the benefitsfor our clients?


  • EASE OF USE: RECAPP BUSINESS is the first fully digital waste recycling management solution in the UAE. Schedule the collection of your recyclables in one click and when it’s convenient.
  • TRACEABILITY: Benefit from a comprehensive dashboard to monitor the impact of your sustainability actions in order to communicate tangible results of your best sustainable program!
  • EXPERTISE: RECAPP is run by Veolia, the world leader in ecological transformation, with years of experience in environmental services. RECAPP By Veolia relies on certified recycling facilities in the UAE to ensure the best local recycling process of your waste items and develop a circular economy. 

We love to hear your feedback!

In order to help us to continuously improve our recycling solution services, we would love to hear your feedback about what you wish to recycle.


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