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Light Tubes Recycling Box

Cost-effective and accessible solution for workplaces and other organizations to collect and recycle light tubes.

This offer includes:

  • Delivery of a specific recycling box at your premises.
  • Collection of the box and recyclables when the box is full.
  • Proper recycling of the entire box including the collected light tubes.
AED 399.00 / box

Related to: School, Office, Retail shop, Hotel & Restaurant, Sport & Wellness center, Commercial & Industrial site, Hazardous waste

straighten Dimensions

The Recycling Box dimensions are : 

Width: 25cm
Depth: 25 cm
Height: 125 cm

Maximum weight : 20 kg

search What to recycle?

Long tube lights (all types - maximum 4ft length): T5, T8, T12, any other type of tube lights that fit in the box.

This recycling box is suitable for light tubes only.  A dedicated recycling box exists for light bulbs.


Why is it important to recycle light tubes?

Light tubes usually contain hazardous components and heavy metals that need to be recovered and not landfilled. Light tubes are also a safety risk once broken, and can also release toxins such as mercury, phosphorous, sodium and other heavy metals. All types of tubes are recyclable including compact fluorescent tubes, incandescent tubes, halogen tubes, and LED tubes, to recover raw material while controlling the health and safety hazards.




recycling How light tubes are recycled?

The mercury and fluorescent powders contained in the fluorescent tubes are carefully removed and disposed of. Finally, the materials that compose them (glass, metals, plastic, etc.) are sorted to be largely reused in the manufacture of new products.

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