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Plastic Bottles and Cans [Rainbow Recycling Program]

  • Delivery of 1 Recapp Recycling Bin and 7 Recapp bags at your tea shop*. 
  • A sticker "I Recycle with Recapp" to put on your tea shop's window. 
  • Collection services of recyclables : when all your bags are full, simply request a collection on the Recapp APP
  • Vouchers, coupons, or discounts: the more you recycle, the more you are rewarded to buy Rainbow products.
  • visibility of your teashop in the communication campaigns of Recapp and Rainbow.

*The bags are given in advance at the beginning and will be replaced during the collection time according to the needs of the tea shop. 

AED 119.00

Related to: Hotel & Restaurant, Plastic waste, Metal waste

straighten Dimensions

Width: 38 cm
Depth: 35 cm
Height: 90 cm
Maximum weight accepted: 5 Kg

search What to recycle?

Plastic containers:

Transparent and colored plastic bottles in PET (all beverages bottles , water, juice, soda, etc).

Non transparent plastic bottles in HDPE and PP (shampoo and personal care bottles, milk bottles and gallons, home care bottles, etc).


Metal cans:

All aluminium beverage cans.

Ferrous cans (tuna cans, tomato cans, etc).

recycling How plastic bottles and cans are recycled?

With 2 sorting facilities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the materials collected by RECAPP are sorted per waste category. The recovered recyclables are compacted and baled to be efficiently transported to local recycling and transformation facilities.


In the UAE, Veolia is committed to opening the first PET Recycling Facility for Food-Grade Application. The collected post-consumed PET bottles will be delivered to Veolia's PET Recycling Facility where they'll be extensively washed, extruded, and decontaminated to produce a high-quality recycled Resin (rPET). Produced under high safety and environmental standards, this rPET will be (re)used in the local packaging and food industry, closing the loop of the PET resin in the UAE. 


Regarding aluminum cans, they are flattened into bales and then transported to a third-party recycler. Cans are cleaned and crushed into small pieces. Then they are melted and cast into ingots which are rolled into coils of a can sheet. They are ready to be remanufactured into new aluminum products.

done_outline Terms & conditions

Min 2 to max 10 bags per collection

Each additional collection will be subject to an additional cost

The Recycling Box is not collected and will remain kept at your premises. Only plastic bags full of recyclables are collected. 

Bags are provided upon suscription and will be replaced during the collection time according to your needs. 


Choose either a monthly payment* (AED 119 / month)


Pay 1 year in advance and avoid mutiple invoices

*Monthly payment with 3 months commitment.

Making better packaging 100% circular, this is how FrieslandCampina do it
Better packaging is one of the priorities at FrieslandCampina. Good packaging ensures food safety and does not harm the environment. One of their goals is that by 2025 100% of their packaging is recyclable or reusable. This is something that they are working towards.

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