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Smart Deposit Machine

Install your RECAPP Smart Deposit Machine in communities and offer a new recycling solution for the all citizens in the UAE. 

With the RSDM, provide an additional solution to the Door-to-door collection in order to increase the volume collected, reduce carbon footprint, create awareness in high traffic areas and educate people about the recycling reflex.

  • Recycle your full bags of recyclables
  • Drop it at the closest location from your home
  • Connected to the RECAPP app
  • 1,500 points every 1 KG
  • Can be placed in communities, parking of supermarket or petro station
  • Only outdoor

Related to: Commercial & Industrial site, Metal waste

straighten Additional information

The lease if for 60 months based on a yearly renewal.

Price: 3,900 aed / month

Kindly contact for further information. 

Full comprehensive maintenance (preventive & corrective) and SLA (live status + 4-6 hours to deploy the maintenance team on site and fix the RVM, majority of the spare part are available in the UAE and replacement can be done between 24 hours to a week depending on the severity of the breakdown)

Width: 150cm

Depth: 350cm

Height: 290cm

Bag feeder door: W:65cm, H:75cm

Screen size: W:23cm, H41cm

Electrical output: 230V single phase



recycling What to recycle?

Plastic containers:

Transparent and colored plastic bottles in PET (all beverages bottles , water, juice, soda, etc).

Non transparent plastic bottles in HDPE and PP (shampoo and personal care bottles, milk bottles and gallons, home care bottles, etc).


Metal cans:

All aluminium beverage cans.

Ferrous cans (tuna cans, tomato cans, etc).

construction Terms & conditions


Alerts and maintenance report automated

Recognition with the QR code of the RECAPP bags or of the barcode of the bottles

The machine collects data from the use of the machine and the Recapp app allow the tracking of all the data related to those users (connection by API)

The CMS of Recapp record all the collected material enabling detailed reports



Including consumer data

The Recapp App is used already by 75,000 people in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

The app will be a booster to reach the first users of the RSDMs

When the machine will be used, the data will be recorded by the software of the machine and transferred to the Recapp App and the profile of each user

Tracking of reward vouchers by the Recapp App



The Recapp covers already 20 different reward partners offering thousand of vouchers (Carrefour / Noon / Al Ain Water / and many others). We can add new reward partners or specific reward for the client. Vouchers available from 10 to 120 AED from essential needs to Fashion 

The Recapp marketplace is available on the profile of each users and the App will be connected to the machine



Including the communication plan to promote the location of the machines, consumers visits and awareness on the use of the machines

Press Release / Our website including a blog with thousand of visitors / Article in our blog / Newsletters sent to over 55,000 Recapp members / Push notifications through the Recapp App / Our drop off search engine referring the machines in our app and website but also in your website if wished.



Including static. Recapp suggest a co-branding with Recapp, your brand and the owner hosting the machines..