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RECAPP Brand Program

We offer customised solutions for your brand’s recycling challenges.  


A RECAPP Brand Program consists in deploying recycling bins in your own stores or in your retail partners to collect end-of-life products brought back by your customers. RECAPP manages everything from shipping the bins to collecting the recyclables and recycling the materials. 

Easily deploy a Recycling Program with RECAPP.

  • RECYCLE EASY: Engage stores to receive a recycling box and start collecting recyclables with RECAPP.
  • PROMOTE: Invite consumers to drop a specific end of life product in the recycling box
  • REWARD: Reward the consumer and generate traffic in the store with a reward program.
  • GENERATE FOOTFALLS IN RETAIL SHOPS: Convert eco-behavior citizens into new customers.
  • HAVE AN ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Monitor the impact of your sustainability actions with your dashboard in order to communicate tangible results.
  • BE RESILIENT: Secure the supply of raw materials thanks to a circular scheme in the context of the energy and resources crisis.


How does it work?

recycling brand programrecycling brand program

Address your
consumers' environmental concerns with RECAPP

Brands have limited possibilities to reduce their footprints by managing the end of life of their products. The RECAPP Brand Program offers your brand the opportunity to move toward a circular economy approach with the possibility to engage your customers into a recycling journey.
environmental concern

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Embed your store

Your store will be highlighted as a drop off location in our Recycling Map!

Do you like this map?

Embed this drop-off location search engine on your website now so your customers get to learn more about your recycling program.


Convert data into customer value

Track the performance of your waste drop off network

Communicate your sustainability performance

Contribute to the UAE 2030 targets

A world leader in waste management to support your shift toward a more circular business.

RECAPP is run by Veolia, the world leader in ecological transformation, with years of experience in environmental services. RECAPP By Veolia relies on certified recycling facilities in the UAE to ensure the best local recycling process of your waste items and develop a circular economy.

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