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Sustainable Swimwear: Our 5 Alternatives to Regular Swimwear

09.02.2023 5 min read

Sustainable Swimwear: Our 5 Alternatives to RegularSwimwear

Planned a day at the pool? Going to a hip beach club this weekend? No matter the occasion, treating yourself to new swimwear is never a bad idea. Still, it's also important to choose sensibly to help preserve the environment for future generations. Fashionable, sustainable swimwear can help you accomplish both.

We can't think of a situation where eco-friendly apparel would be more fitting than swimming in a pool or the sea. Numerous well-known brands are investing in the production of sustainable swimwear, which is a sizable sector that is expanding in the United Arab Emirates. Environmentally friendly swimwear is made from recycled materials and with fewer chemicals, yet it still performs just as well as conventional swimwear, if not better.

Brands have worked hard to make sustainable swimwear affordable and readily available so that you can choose sustainable clothing for the beach.

With environmentally friendly swimwear, you can swim in the water with the comfort of knowing that your environmental impact has been minimized.

Here are the top companies in the UAE selling stylish, sustainable swimwear and beachwear that will make other beachgoers envious of your sense of taste.

1.     Sandymouth Swim

One of the newest brands that has caught our attention, this one is both adorable and environmentally friendly. Sandymouth Swim, a swimsuit company established in Dubai, is committed to producing ethically appealing bikinis from ECONYL® regenerated nylon manufactured from plastic and other rubbish from the ocean.

Their clothing is made for the dynamic, daring modern nomad who enjoys having sand on their feet and salt water in her hair. One of the designs has a top with a scooped neckline, broad, supporting straps, and full-coverage briefs that resemble vintage sportswear. A double-strapped bikini set without straps is an additional choice.

2.     Chasing the Sun Collective

The newest swimsuit line to debut in the UAE is Chasing the Sun Collective, which is committed to sustainability.

Chasing the Sun Collective, based in Dubai, addresses situations openly and focuses on improvement. The swimwear is only produced once purchased utilizing ECONYL® nylon fibers derived from waste materials like fishing nets.

Orders are dispatched within six to eight weeks after being handcrafted to order in limited edition quantities. With this strategy, the brand can reduce waste and achieve supply-demand parity without sacrificing convenience or value.

The company, created with the idea of natural bodies in mind, has changed traditional standard sizing with a fresh strategy in which size-focused labels are substituted with motivating features.

The swimwear's adjustable fastenings, straps, and knots enable wearers to connect with their inner self-assurance and beauty and celebrate it in a swimsuit that is as beautiful as they are. It ensures a comfortable fit.

Chasing the Sun Collective is among the first UAE companies to join One Percent for the Planet, a worldwide network of companies, individuals, and charity groups addressing the planet's most critical environmental concerns. CSR is at the core of the brand's concept.

By selecting Chasing the Sun Collective, you are facilitating a mission to transform how the things we enjoy are produced in a way that is better for both people and the environment, based on the tenets of unwavering quality, genuine value, and positive influence.

3.     Léa the Label

This sustainable company was started by Lebanese creator Léa Daaboul and specialized in sleek, simple swimwear that draws inspiration from travel, the outdoors, architecture, and home decor. The modular components are composed of UV-protective, ultra-smooth, chlorine- and sun-tan oil-resistant eco-friendly Italian materials.

4.     COEGA Sunwear

COEGA Sunwear has always been conscious of and devoted to incorporating moral and ethical standards into every aspect of its business operations.

In its swimwear, the company aims to use an increasing amount of recycled and regenerated fabric. Most of its swimwear is created from ECONYL® yarn, a 100% recycled nylon fiber/yarn derived from nylon waste that would otherwise pollute the environment, including fishing nets, fabric remnants, carpeting, and industrial plastic.

The business just debuted its eco-friendly, sustainable range. All of the trademark pieces from this range, including the conservative swimwear, are created locally in the United Arab Emirates (which reduces carbon footprint) using eco-friendly fabric composed of ECONYL® recycled nylon.

With a sustainability edge involving waste being recycled, reproduced, and remolded, ECONYL® nylon is identical to brand-new nylon. In addition to reducing waste, ECONYL® is better for the environment because it reduces nylon's contribution to global warming by up to 90 percent as opposed to nylon made from oil.

Additionally, most of the company's fabric printing is carried out using the Sublimation method, which is considered more environmentally responsible. This printing method uses a minimal amount of water and produces minimal waste. On recycled polyester fabric, sublimation printing has been demonstrated to produce excellent results.

5.     Florence Owens

Florence Owens, the new Dubai-based swimwear brand from visual creative Kristin Nystrom, has a firm, ecological stance.

It aims to reflect stylish and culturally aware people of all ages who have a taste for sophisticated leisure and classic style.

The inaugural capsule collection's items are made from futuristic materials that are free to interpret and are based on the idea of "Apres Beach." It is skillfully created to boost the style and can be easily changed from a beach look to a chic evening outfit.

Florence Owens ensures that each capsule is produced in small batches, hence limiting waste, and is made from recycled and ethically produced materials to uphold her ethical and ecological obligations. For instance, ECO nylon, manufactured from recycled materials, is used to make the swimsuit.


Sustainable swimwear is good for the environment, but you don't have to give up style to minimize your environmental impact. The swimwear brands reviewed above allow all residents and visitors in the UAE to dress their best for a sunny day at the Beach.

A common theme in all these brands is that they focus on minimizing waste in their production processes and used recycled materials to create swimwear. These are goals shared by Recapp.

Recapp can make it simple for you to engage in eco-friendly activities like recycling, encouraging you to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Recapp can help by providing a recycling solution . Download the app and get started today.

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