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Our TOP 10 Recycling Projects for Your Kids

12.12.2022 6 min read

Our TOP 10 Recycling Projects for Your Kids

Recycling Habits Start At Home

Plastic bottles are relatively simple to recycle, but most of the UAE doesn't have municipal recycling programs, so they end up in landfills. Plastic takes a very long time to break down. PET, commonly known as polyethylene terephthalate, is used to make bottles.

In 2021, the UAE CO2 emissions have increased by 4,169 megatons, so 2.2% compared to 2020. In this way, the UAE belongs to the group of countries that emit the most CO2 per citizen.  .

According to federal mandates, strategies, and regulations, local governments are in charge of providing municipal services such as land use, regional urban planning, waste management, sewage, sanitation, economic licensing, local roadways, and public transit. However, each emirate has a great deal of freedom to determine how they will develop, using the UAE's national vision, Vision 2021, as a guide for future planning. It includes starting new recycling projects to minimize waste in landfills. However, the Vision 2030 accentuates the will to consolidate the sustainable development in Dubaï, creating at the same time new investment opportunities in environmental projects.

However, the responsibility for this is not just with the government; UAE residents also need to play their part. One of the best ways to do that is by instilling sustainable practices, such as recycling, in our kids’ habits. You can accomplish this with recycling projects for kids, addressing various environmental topics and challenges through activities.

The 10 Projects to Teach Recycling to Kids in the UAE

Recycling with children is crucial, and as parents and educators, we should encourage this idea. Kids will learn that recycling involves more than just having a second trash can. They will also discover that it uses less energy and resources to create new things out of recycled materials than it does to create them out of brand-new materials by reusing items before throwing them away.

Here are 10 recycling projects for kids in the UAE that teach them about recycling's value while also making it practical and feasible for them.

1. Water Bottle Flowers

Remove the bottoms from the plastic water bottles before laying them out to be painted. The slick painting base and curved plastic wells resemble flower petals and provide a patterned, semi-transparent look. Create a bouquet of repurposed flowers by adding fuzzy pom centers and glitter to washable paint.

2. Bubble Wrap

Recycle every single piece of packaging you get! Making bubble wrap prints with bubble wrap is a lot of fun. There are countless options! A rainbow with bubble wrap written on it sounds fantastic!

3. Window Frame Organizer

Organize your entryway with a window frame that was headed for the trash. Paint the edge with your children's aid in their favorite color, then add utilitarian DIY touches like tiny hooks for small accessories and keys.

4. Wrapping Paper

Once more, recycled packaging is fantastic for artistic endeavors! Make wrapping paper out of the brown paper that comes with specific shipments. Kids can also use it as a terrific canvas for their artwork!

5. Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

Who among kids doesn't enjoy playing pretend? Children can learn valuable social and emotional skills through make-believe play, and it's also an excellent method for them to examine and make sense of the world. A child trying to be a firefighter wouldn't enjoy it as much without the helmet; accessories are usually the secret to taking a great pretend game to the next level. A set of homemade binoculars is necessary to achieve the Zen-like state of mind of bird watchers or to develop the observatory stare of animal behaviorists.

These binoculars are excellent for inspiring children to play-act careers in STEAM fields (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math). They also offer an excellent way to recycle toilet paper rolls.

6. Recycled Robot

Allow your children to look through the recycling bins for components to build their robots. They can choose the robot parts they want from a collection that includes tissue paper rolls, cardboard, jars, and containers.

7. Plastic Bottles

Recycled bottle bottoms can be dug out and used to create prints. They work well to develop snowflakes or even florals. I think you could also make some entertaining dot-to-dots.

Suppose you don't have any kids at home or they are not very interested in using plastic bottles to test their creative abilities. In that case, you can have the plastic bottles picked up by a recycling service in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, as easily as with the RECAPP app. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store as well as the App Store. You only need to select the perfect pick-up time, leave your recyclables bag in front of your home, then the bag will be collected at the given time. It is a free service, made on demand, and contactless.

RECAPP is known as the first recycling service in the UAE to collect recyclables at your door.

Plastic bottles and aluminum cans can be collected quickly and easily with the help of RECAPP. After separating recyclables from other household waste and booking your collection time, RECAPP will collect and recycle the recyclables at no further cost to you. The more you recycle, and the more you can be rewarded with points on your RECAPP app.

8. Paper Flowers

Your young children will love crafting paper flowers to decorate their rooms. Instruct the kids to fold colored cupcake liners in half before cutting off petals and fringe. Then, twist the artificial flower stamen with a piece of floral wire that has been folded in half. Three to four paper liners should have their centers punctured by the wire. Complete it by extending floral tape down to the stems and wrapping it around the foot of the liner.

9. Cereal Box Monsters

Save those cardboard boxes of breakfast cereal so you can make some powerful monsters later. When you add a bamboo grip, your monsters transform into puppets set for a performance. With these rectangular box bases, the possibilities for embellishing your animals are virtually unlimited.

10. Tin Can Planter

After transforming a standard tin can into a goofy planter, teach your children how to grow and take care of succulents.


Although the recycling projects for kids listed above are a terrific place to start, there are many other ways of teaching kids about recycling and how they can help. Children should feel encouraged to help protect the environment, and they can cultivate those in their lives to recycle as well!

Because schools also have a role to play, RECAPP has launched an adapted program with recycling workshops, challenges, beach or desert cleaning and implementing recycling boxes in many schools in Dubai and Abu dhabi. You can find all the details of the School offer here. Let’s go RECAPP!

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