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27.09.2022 5 min read

How Can We Prevent Ocean Pollution?

With skyrocketing plastic, textile, and electronics production combined with insufficient recycling and poor waste management, our oceans now contain nearly 269,000 tons of waste, and this is actively destroying our marine ecosystem. This large-scale ecological degradation is leading to an unprecedented level of impact on marine animals and their habitats. From prompting unnecessary habitat inundation to disrupting global food supply chains, the list of damages caused by ocean pollution is growing every year.

Thus, no matter where you are in the UAE, the Middle East, or the world, we need to play our role in saving the oceans by employing more sustainable practices and changing our lifestyles. If you don’t know where to get started, keep reading to learn five ways to reduce or prevent marine pollution.

5 Ways to Prevent Ocean Pollution

1. Reduce Single-Use Plastics

The biggest lifestyle change you can adopt to save the oceans is limiting or eliminating your use of single-use plastics. This includes water bottles, plastic bags, straws, cups, product packaging, cutlery, and other containers/items. While many people choose to reuse many of these products, they’re generally considered disposable products.

Thus, the best way to prevent them from ending up in our oceans is by switching to reusable alternatives made from more eco-friendly materials, such as wood, glass, bamboo, silicone, and stainless steel. Moreover, by refusing to use conventional plastic products or containers, you can prompt businesses to switch their production and use more eco-friendly materials.

2. Recycle Properly

Whether you’re looking to rid your home or office of general waste (kitchen scraps, plastic, etc.), electronic waste (outdated equipment, faulty appliances, etc.), or textile (clothes, upholstery, etc.), you need to employ the right recycling method. Ideally, you should look for a recycling service near you to segregate and dispose of different waste types.

For instance, RECAPP offers a free general waste recycling program that helps Emirati locals safely dispose of waste from their property while offering redeemable points.

3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Apart from heating our atmosphere, greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are making our oceans more acidic. As a result, we are seeing a huge decline in coral reefs due to weakened calcium skeletons, especially near coastal water bodies. Therefore, another way we can help prevent ocean pollution is by reducing our carbon footprint.

Fortunately, thanks to more awareness and eco-friendly technologies, there are plenty of ways we can do this. For instance, we can switch to electric vehicles or opt for more sustainable mobility using public transportation, carpooling, or ride-sharing. You can opt for smart home devices to automatically turn off lights and air conditioning when you’re not around. 

How Can We Prevent Ocean Pollution?How Can We Prevent Ocean Pollution?

The following figure by Plastic World Recycling illustrates the key benefit of recycling just one ton of plastic:

4. Become More Vocal About Ocean Pollution Online or in Your Social Circle

In the digital age, information spreads like a virus, especially on the internet. Even if you can’t physically stop someone from littering, or encourage them to start employing sustainable practices, what you can do at the very least is spread the word online and in your social circle.

For instance, you can tune into and share updates from different environment forums, such as the Global Ocean Alliance. Similarly, you can host social events and opt for non-plastic decor, cutlery, and crockery to showcase your care for the environment to your friends and family.

5. Volunteer in or Organize Beach Cleanup Initiatives

Another great way to reduce or prevent ocean pollution is by actively volunteering in or organizing beach cleanup drives. Many companies in the UAE are rapidly organizing volunteering events to protect coastal areas and marine life as part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives. Opting for local environmental programs is among the most direct ways to fight any type of pollution.

You can also invite your friends and family to this venture and make it a part of your activities list when visiting the beach.

RECAPP organizes beach and dessert cleaning activities every year. Please contact us if you want to be a part of it!


So, there you have it – 5 smart ways we can reduce or prevent ocean pollution. Of course, there are several other small- and large-scale initiatives you can pursue in minimizing marine ecological degradation. However, the methods above make it possible for anyone to get started in making a difference.

Moreover, by opting for RECAPP’s free general waste recycling in the UAE, you can kick-start your quest to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and get rewarded for your efforts. Download our game-changing app to have your recyclables collected from your doorstep for safe disposal!

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