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27.09.2022 3 min read

Eco-Friendly Balloon - Our 5 Alternatives

Balloons have long been the go-to decor items for celebrations and parties. While these thin-walled air vessels are incredibly fun and easily available in every convenience or online store, most people forget that balloons are made of non-recyclable and non-biodegradable plastic. Due to their limited, one-time use and the waste they create through littering, they’re among the main contributors to plastic pollution.

So, the question remains – are they really worth it? Considering their environmental impact and the vast range of eco alternatives to balloons, we certainly don’t believe so.

In this post, RECAPP has suggestions for five eco-friendly balloon alternatives you can use to decorate your venue without interrupting ecosystems or indirectly harming wildlife.

5 Eco Alternatives to Balloons

1. Latex Balloons

If balloons are an essential aspect of your party decor and cannot be eliminated, the least you can do is opt for an eco-friendly option. Traditionally, most balloons are made of mylar, a type of nylon (synthetic plastic). However, you can also find latex or rubber balloons in the market. Both are natural materials, meaning they’re biodegradable.

Although they can take a long time to break down, they’re still a better option than plastics that never degrade.

2. Paper Balloons

Paper balloons or kamifusen have been a part of Japanese and East Asian culture for thousands of years. These plastic-free alternatives are easy to inflate and can be reused repeatedly. They’re available in different shapes, colors, and patterns and can be easily attached to ceilings, walls, or a cord.

3. Bubbles

Bubbles can help kill two birds with one stone. They make a valuable addition to your decor and ambiance. Moreover, they offer a form of entertainment to people of all ages, prompting them to burst them or take pictures with them floating around. Of course, if you plan to use this, make sure you use non-toxic dish soap and clean water to ensure it’s safe and eco-friendly.

4. Kites

Like balloons and bubbles, kites serve as an excellent decor and entertainment alternative. Kids and adults can fly them in public areas where they’re allowed. Similarly, hosts can use them to decorate their venues due to the extensive range of design patterns, color combinations, and shapes they come in.

5. Lights

Most people either neglect or are unaware of the importance of proper lighting at events. Lights come in different shapes and colors, meaning they can make any event more festive and fabulous. You can hang them across your venue or decorate a wall with them. You can also create a photo booth to enable guests to take memorable pictures.


So, there you have it – 5 smart eco alternatives to balloons you can use to enliven any event. Of course, you can use several other eco-friendly balloon alternatives, such as plants, flowers, candles, paper decorations, banners, etc. However, the options on our list are more versatile, reusable, and easy to procure or make.

Moreover, when the party’s over, you can opt for free general waste pickup from your facility by downloading UAE’s first waste recycling app – RECAPP – and win redeemable points for your efforts.

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