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7 Recipes to Reduce Food Waste At Home

09.02.2023 4 min read

7 Recipes to Reduce Food Waste At Home

How to easily reduce food waste at home?

One of the UAE's most severe issues is food waste, particularly during Ramadan. In the holy month, meat consumption nearly doubles, and the same may be said for other closely linked foods like vegetables, dairy, and fruits. Unfortunately, roughly one-third of these are wasted.

The UAE is one of the top countries in the world for garbage production per capita, as per Dubai Carbon's findings. In the emirate, over 38% of the food is wasted daily, which rises to about 60% during Ramadan. Methane gas, allegedly 25 times more harmful than carbon dioxide, is released during the biodegradation of food waste.

The good news is that the UAE government is taking concrete measures to tackle food wastage in the UAE. These measures, as well as recipes to reduce food wastage at home (see them below!), can go a long way in solving the food wastage problem in the UAE.

How the UAE Government Is Tackling Food Wastage in the Country

The UAE government is making several efforts to tackle food wastage in the country. One is Ne'ma, a new national campaign to combat food loss and waste. The initiative was launched in February this year.

To safeguard food resources for a sustainable future, Ne'ma looks to support organizations in the public and commercial sectors working together to solve food waste and promote responsible consumption.

The program will help the UAE reach its goal of reducing food waste by 50 percent by 2030 to comply with the nation's food security plan and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The government has recently launched several measures to control food loss and waste. The UAE Food Bank, established in 2017, was one of the efforts that proved successful. The philanthropic effort, which aimed to provide surplus food to those in need, distributed more than Ten million meals in 2021.

In addition to the government efforts to tackle food waste in the UAE, some measures can be taken at the individual level to minimize food wastage in the country. One is engaging in recycling activities, such as food waste recycling.

 The 7 Recipes for Reducing Food Waste At Home

There are usually a lot of leftovers after making food at home. Put any remaining vegetable bits in a container and store them in your freezer rather than dumping them out in the trash. Your supply will grow over time to the point where you can create a vegetable stock.

The same holds for leftover meat and fish. Concerning fruits, you can make vinegar out of your leftover pieces. So, are you trying to find a way to get rid of leftovers or kitchen waste? Check out these delicious and healthy food waste recipes to help you keep them out of the garbage can.

1.      Broccoli Stew Slaw

The woody stalks of broccoli frequently end up in the trash, while the delicate florets are the main attraction while cooking and eating it. Using broccoli stems in this recipe's coleslaw is a simple recycling method. In most coleslaws, the grain of the cabbage is mimicked by the crunch.

2.      Leftover Soup

By simply boiling down any leftovers you have available with some broth, you may make Leftover Soup. If you lack any vegetable broth, this recipe also includes directions for making an excellent basic vegetable broth.

3.      Vegan Ratatouille

Here, the emphasis is on veggies, and ratatouille is a great way to use up any leftovers from the fridge. It's also great for using up any extra wine or ripe tomatoes.

4.      Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Although it may sound strange, the fluid from a can of chickpeas—which most people discard—is thick enough to give the chocolate mousse light and airy texture. Additionally, preparing this meal requires only four ingredients and a short time.

5.      Homemade Veggie Chips

Homemade veggie chips are more straightforward to prepare than you think, crispy, and addictive. Compared to the packaged variety from the shop, which frequently contains additives, they are considerably healthier for you. Make them with remnants of veggies, such as the rough outer leaves of Leafy greens, the tips of sweet potatoes, beet cuttings, and carrots that have been diced up for other recipes.

6.      Corn Stock

After removing the kernels, don't throw away the corn cobs. Make some healthy and delectable corn stock instead of using naked cobs. It's as simple as throwing the cobs and a few other staple ingredients into a pot of boiling water and letting them simmer. You'll have a flavorful vegetable broth that you can add to chowders and stews or use to cook rice and other grains.

7.      Vegan Banana Muffins

Have ripe bananas on your kitchen counter that are turning black? Please make the most delicious vegan banana muffins with them. Our one-bowl, failsafe recipe is simple enough for someone new to cooking to execute. You are welcome to add chopped nuts, dried apricots, or vegan chocolate chips to the cupcakes to suit your tastes.


So, are you prepared to begin using the power of food waste recipes to reduce food waste at home? If yes, you should start today by getting all the necessary tools and ingredients to prepare these recipes.

Additionally, for your food containers or other recyclables, RECAPP can help you to dispose of them safely and adequately for a sustainable future in the UAE by providing relevant services. You can start now by downloading the app and recycle at home but also at your office with the RECAPP  Business solution.

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