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Beach Cleaning

Whether it's a team-building activity, a corporate social responsibility initiative, or simply a chance to give back to your community, our Beach Cleaning Initiative offers a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

By participating in our Beach Cleaning, you will not only contribute to the cleanliness of our coastlines but also play a vital role in raising awareness about the significance of environmental conservation.

This service includes: 

  • Beach cleaning accessories i.e. gloves, clippers and bags, table, RECAPP flags
  • Photos during the event by RECAPP
  • Publishing of photos at RECAPP social media platforms i.e. instagram and facebook
  • Sharing of collected recyclables & waste
  • RECAPP pitch pre & post cleaning

Our dedicated team will coordinate all logistics, including the provision of cleaning equipment and waste management services, so you can focus on making a real difference.

Let's draw a sustainable future together!

Duration: 60 minutes. 

Maximum of 100 participants. 

AEDĀ 5,000.00

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