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A digital recycling solution

RECAPP is the most sought-after digital recycling solution empowered by Veolia – the global leader in the field of environmental services. We allow you to bring your recyclables full circle, closing the loop and returning them to a state of usefulness once again. Our service is on the leading edge of recycling trends, bringing you convenient, simple solutions supported by the best user experience.

We generate benefits for individuals and to the general public by encouraging the circular economy involving all the concerned stakeholders like the UAE Government, Petrochemical companies, Packaging and Food & Beverage industries, retailers and consumers in order to participate in the UAE’s sustainable goal for 2030 to divert 75% of the waste produced in the UAE from landfills.


The sanitary context of 2020 has reinforced consumer demand for sustainability. If “recycling behavior” seems to be the most established then they need to be secured in the region and more commonly adopted in a daily lifestyle.

The United Arab Emirates (9.6 million inhabitants) generates approximately 7 million tonnes of waste per year and has one of the world's highest generation rates of waste per capita with 2 kg/capita/day. Currently, the recycling rate in the UAE dropped below 10%, mainly due to a lack of awareness and segregation infrastructure, whilst the government's sustainable agenda for 2030 aims to divert 75% of the waste produced in the UAE from landfills.

First launched by Veolia Middle East in Abu Dhabi in November 2020, RECAPP is the UAE’s first free-of-charge digital door-to-door service collecting recyclables and rewarding responsible behavior for its members. RECAPP is a trustworthy and effortless solution for the collection of recyclables, raising awareness and creating a sense of community for a more sustainable lifestyle.


“From January 2021 until today, we are beyond proud of our achievements with RECAPP, which has empowered thousands of Abu Dhabi and Dubai residents to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle by offering them an accessible, convenient way to recycle. As a homegrown application, RECAPP was created to support local communities as they strive to partake in the circular economy"


General Manager RECAPP


RECAPP's core mission is to give to the communities and the residents the opportunity to easily and conveniently live an eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle by empowering them with an easy solution to divert their waste from the landfill and contribute to the UAE’s recycling efforts.

Worldwide, we know that nearly 80% of consumers want to contribute to saving the planet for future generations. Meanwhile people in the Middle East, and specifically in the UAE, are demonstrating real enthusiasm and motivation for integrating eco-friendly behaviors into their daily lifestyles.In line with Veolia’s purpose, RECAPP promotes ecological transformation, which means working to radically change patterns of production and consumption, placing ecology at the heart of every process and assessment.

To quote His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai, “The future is for those who excel digitally.” The UAE is well-known for its impressive digital transformation and widespread penetration of technology. According to the World Digital Report 2021, around 97.6% of the UAE’s population owned smartphones in 2020, and residents spent no less than 320 million hours on smartphone apps. The state’s orientation towards a society and economy infused with digital knowledge comes in the context of achieving prosperity, happiness, and sustainability in society.

The idea behind RECAPP was driven by these environmental and societal aspects. As part of Veolia Group, where resource preservation and community development are major concerns, our goal was to develop a local innovative initiative that would contribute to sustainability efforts while also being accessible and easy to use for the general public through a tailor-made digital service. 

RECAPP in a nutshell



RECAPP is the number one users’ partner in environmental solutions to help them fulfil your personal commitments to a cleaner future.



RECAPP provides users with the digital tool they need – at their fingertips – to take charge of their eco-friendly journey and make sure that their recyclables are properly recycled for the benefit of their community.

our social impact

Community oriented

RECAPP is the smart way to a cleaner, and a more sustainable community. By using RECAPP, you’ll be putting your neighbourhood, your company, your office, on the path to becoming a more sustainable, faster-growing community.

A world leader in the waste management to support your transition towards a more circular business.

RECAPP is run by Veolia, the world leader in ecological transformation, with years of experience in environmental services. RECAPP By Veolia relies on certified recycling facilities in the UAE to ensure the best local recycling process of your waste items and develop a circular economy.
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